I'm based in sunny Brighton on the south coast and believe that face to face is better than phone, and phone is better than email.

With this in mind, get in touch and let's have a coffee.

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A selection of people who I have worked with

“I had 4 sessions of coaching with Matt a few weeks prior to my first public speaking event representing the company I work for. I was completely terrified at the prospect.

Matt's expertise absolutely helped me to not only deliver what I needed to, but also enjoy the build up to the event.

I genuinely walked on that stage with a smile and there is no way I could have confidently done that without Matts help.”

Katja Garood, Creative Director, Brandwatch

“Matt has incredible energy and passion that he brings to the stage and to improv. He is able to apply his talents and insights both on the stage and off, transforming workplaces as well as people's lives.

Matt is a joy to work with and I always learn something new from him! I highly recommend Matt .”

Traci Fenton, CEO, Worldblu

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and learnt so much I can put into practise, not just when presenting, but in meetings and everyday life. Everyone's voice was heard and the whole experience was positive, engaging and up-lifting. Matt facilitated the training brilliantly. Will be recommending highly!.”

Catrina Basset, Digital Business Manager, Dab Apps

This course really took me out of my comfort zone - challenging me to reflect on what I considered an engaging speaker to be, and by encouraging me to reflect on what I need to do to embrace these elements into my own style. A truly inspirational day!”

Rachel Jordan, Lead Learning Designer, Leo


I work on people, not process

I work with individuals and teams to help improve their performance in the areas that matter to them. I do this through a process of coaching, workshops, facilitation and strategic goal setting and always focus on the person over the process.

I have found that embodying the principles that come from the world of improvisation - which lead to making the best creative decision based on what you have here and now - are key to success and form a core component of my working style.

People say 'Think outside of the box'. I like to ask 'What's inside the box?' I bet there's something in there you can use right here, right now.

Workshops and coaching for


I work with large numbers of people to help them develop the skills and confidence to stand up and tell their story where it matters - at a clients office, in the boardroom or at a conference.

Find out about these services and my public workshops over on my Speaking Coach website.

Bespoke and personalised


Leadership is about bringing out the best in others by bringing out the best in you.

Deliver the best vision, be the best communicator and be the very best empowerer you can be.

When you're at your best, you'll get the best results. Let's find your best.

Employee Engagement

The Actively Engaged Programme

This is a programme designed by myself and 3 other coaches to boost employee engaged through, uniquely, linking your staffs strengths and passions to your company missions. The programme is delivered using a mixture of coaching, workshops, skills development and the management and enrolment into an online community.

Read more on the Actively Engaged site.


Matt Matheson

My names Matt i'm here to help you. Whether you're an individual or part of a team, I'm here to help facilitate change and watch you (or your team) grow.

I've been through the murky process of change many times - as an individual on my own journey and as a consultant working with a range of organisations.

My goal now is to help make this process as painless as possible for others.



Matthew Matheson // Improvising Change

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